Tuition Payments
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- Tuition is due the first week of the month

- Payments are made by
exact cash or personal checks

- Place payments in the 'Grey Drop Box' next to the front desk
- Mail your payments

Please pay tuition on time, this is
In order for us to keep accurate records,
pay tuition the 1st week of the month.

Registration Fee

September 2017-May 2018

$30 after 9/1

Each sibling $10.00

Registration Fee is non-refundable

Tuition Policy

- Tuition payments are based on a yearly program from September 2017 thru May 2018

- Tuition payments are due the
1st week of each month

- There is a grace period until the 10th of the month: $10 late fee if paying after the 10th

- Acceptable payments: cash & check ONLY
(sorry no credit cards)

- 9 Equal payments for the dance year (May is the last payment)

- Returned check fee is dependent upon the rate of your bank & MLDW fee is $15

- Make checks payable to MLDW & include the student's name on the memo line

- Registration fee is non-refundable

-If your child drops out or is asked to leave the dance studio in the beginning of the month & you have already paid for that month's tuition, you'll be issued a refund for ONLY that month's tuition. If the child has attended more than 2 classes within that month, there is no refund.

Tuition Rates

Per monthly basis

~each class meets
once a week~

1 class ... $46
1.5 classes ... $72
2 classes ... $86
2.5 classes ... $112
3 classes ... $121
3.5 classes ... $142
4 classes ... $156
4.5 classes ... $178
5 classes ... $186
5 + classes Unlimited ... $196

If you take more than one class per week, there's a price reduction and/or sibling price.

Example: 1st child takes one class = $46, 2nd child also takes one class..the 2 classes price = $86 instead of $92 (you save $6).

Recital Costume Policy
In our annual spring recital, the dancers wear costumes. These costumes are chosen by the teacher & director of the dance school. Each class is asked to participate in the recital, therefore wearing a costume. The price of costumes range from $55-$75. Costume Deposits are issued to all students the first week of November. Costume Deposits are non-refundable and costumes cannot be cancelled. Only the changing of sizes can the costume be exchanged. We add 2-3 inches to all students to allow for growth. It takes 3-5 months for costumes to be delivered.

Tights & hair accessories are included for most costumes

Fee: $30 per class costume deposit,
or some classes may have 2, then it's $60


Remaining balance: due February

When costumes are handed out at the end of April, all balances (tuition & costume) must be paid in FULL. The only open balance allowed is May Tuition. No exceptions.