Policies of MLDW

...All studio communication is done through email, facebook and website. We also send handouts home with our students. It's the parents responsibility to make sure all communication is read.

Tuition Policy
...It's strictly enforced that tuition is paid the first week of the month to ensure the studio is run at its best. Unless otherwise discussed with the Director, a $15 late fee is added to tuition if paid after the 10th of the month. We accept cash, and personal checks, sorry no credit cards. Make checks out to MLDW with the student's name in the memo line. There are 9 equal payments for the dance year (September - May). Tuition is non-refundable. Please note that the last tuition payment is due May 10th. All tuition balances must be paid by that date in order to purchase recital tickets.

Costumes...All classes are able to participate in our annual dance recital. Therefore, all students will be wearing costumes. Your child will be wearing one costume per class (unless otherwise noted). Costumes average $55-$75. A $30 costume deposit (per class) is due in October. This is a non-refundable fee. The remaining costume balance is due in February. Costumes are distributed in mid-April. In order to collect your costume, you must not have any outstanding tuition or costume balance. There are no refunds or exchanges on costumes.

Etiquette...To keep our dance studio a positive and safe atmosphere, it's imperative that all students and parents refrain from inappropriate language, gossip, bullying, and any other negative behavior in the lobby or in the dance studio. This negativity also applies to Facebook, Instagram, email, Craigslist and any other form of social media. No student or parent shall engage in libel, slander or defamation of character regarding teachers, the dance studio or any other staff member of MLDW. If this occurs, Mays Landing Dance Works has the right to discontinue the child's enrollment with no refund and the child will not be able to return to the dance studio. Mutual respect for all staff members and students is expected. MLDW has the right to ask a student/parent/family member to leave the facility if any threatening behavior occurs. Disciplinary actions by enforcing classroom rules within the dance studio are dependent upon the Director and Teachers/Staff to keep the studio a safe environment.

Dance attire & hair...All dancers are expected to follow the dress code for dance. We believe that once a dancer comes into class prepared, they are mentally and physically ready for dance and serious about their art. All hair must be pulled away from the face. All belongings MUST include your first and last name. MLDW is not responsible for lost or stolen goods. All dancers must take their belongings home each night. Do not wear street shoes in the dance studio. Proper footwear is mandatory for all classes. Do not wear your dance shoes outside.

Attendance...Regular attendance is very important for a students growth. Please call the studio or email if your child will be absent for more than 2 weeks. If your child is absent regularly especially February - May, they'll be missing a large portion of choreography for the dance recital. Please keep in mind that we are dedicated to dance and we want your child's dedication as well.