We ask that you call the studio when you are unable to attend class so we may inform your teacher.  Regular attendance is imperative for progress in dance classes. In the case of illness, you are allowed to make up the missed class within that month or the following month. The make-up class should be at the same age range in which the Director will make recommendations.

There is no refunds or credits for missed classes.
Multiple unexcused absences (especially during choreography) may result in less stage time for that dancer.

Cancelled Classes

Due to inclement weather, dance classes may be cancelled.

Notifications will be on facebook, website and the answering machine of the studio. Due to the cancellation of classes in this instance, make up classes will be held at a later date. If you cannot attend the desired make up class, there are no refunds or credits.


Please be sure to arrive to class on time. Students walking in late to class are a distraction. If you are having difficulty due to transportation issues, inform the Director. We ask that you call the studio if you are going to be late so that we may inform the teacher.